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"We love what we do"

Here is an excerpt of various projects that we are proud of. There is a story for every product. A good story!

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The renowned Zurich brand Benci Brothers creates handmade shoes, boots and sneakers as well as leather accessories with passion. In collaboration with the Benci Brothers design team, Sturmberg produced the caps for the successful shoe collection. Quality at eye level.

Branding of the highest quality. For Irish quality whiskey Jameson Sturmberg creates articles for bar staff, events and gadgets.

The products are often in great demand.

The Zurich fashion brand Zürichind has always been associated with Sturmberg. For over 12 years, Sturmberg & Zürichind has been an unbeatable team and makes cool clothing and gadgets for the enthusiastic Zürichind community. Together we have implemented countless styles.

The Zurichind motto: "MAKE MAKE PLEASURE". We stand behind that!


Sturmberg takes care of the design and manufacture of the legendary Spenglercup in Davos.

Of course only for enthusiastic ice hockey fans.


Whether winter or summer, Sturmberg looks after the renowned holiday region with innovative merchandising, staff clothing and much more!


In own thing: storm mountain has developed t-shirts and hoodies in cooperation with the production facility in Portugal, which with cork leather were refined. Unique worldwide. 

For the 2021 hiking campaign, the team from Flims tourism and Sturmberg developed a special hiking backpack. The straps are retired Climbing ropes from MAMMUT. We have special protection against the ropes cutting into the shoulders shoulder pads created.


Caps for the legends of the mountains. Design and implementation by Sturmberg.

The top spot with the best view of the Matterhorn needs high-quality merchandising. Chez Vrony. Because only those who were there were there! Sturmberg takes care of the design and manufacture of the wearable souvenirs.

Staff clothing for the Swiss festivals.

In the Corona year 2020 Zurich tourism turned the tables. This year the souvenir was bought first, followed by the experience. The Zurich Tourism campaign was organized by Jung von Matt/Limmat developed and implemented.

Sturmberg refined the cheeky souvenir items “in record time”.


We recommend and refine high-quality advertising media for customers or loyal employees.






The team shirt for the Tour de France. Manufactured to the highest quality standard in Portugal.


Be a Robin is an association founded in a small apartment in Zurich by a few people who have come together to help and motivate others to do the same.


As a Swiss fashion brand, Navyboot guarantees perfection in terms of fit, quality, workmanship and style. With this in mind, Sturmberg designed and implemented a cap collection on behalf of Navyboot.


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