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Reeds Festival

We celebrated the Reeds Festival 2019 and of course our 10-year partnership with a brilliant collection!

"Reeds Festival is the largest reggae event in Switzerland."

In 2009 we came up with, designed and implemented the first collection together with the merch team from Reeds Festival. This was followed by annual creative meetings with results that were impressive. Sturmberg was always in charge of design and implementation. The feedback from festival visitors is always great. Which festival comes up with such a merchandise collection? Only at the event itself do many fans wear parts of the collections. So it's easy to see a colorful cross-section of the popular products of recent years.

We are happy to show interested parties the various patterns that we have on display in our showroom.


photos: #sturmberg

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"From the first inquiry to the now more than 10th collection, we are completely happy with Sturmberg! From the first idea to the finished product, you feel professionally looked after. The team impresses with a high degree of flexibility and creativity. Due to the diverse selection of materials and ideas, there are no limits to the imagination.
The biggest thing for the Reedsfamily is definitely that something completely new populates the wardrobe after each festival and the “old” designs don’t have to go, despite being washed thousands of times, because of the excellent quality.”

Dankä tuusig for the great Zäärarbet!


Excerpt from different collections

stanley stella t-shirt reeds festival colored
make reeds festival hoodie
make reeds festival hoodie
make reeds festival hoodie
make reeds festival hoodie