Custom-made apparel

Individual production directly from the factory from 100 pieces

With attention to detail, we manufacture the desired clothing for our customers. From sourcing the best materials to reliable production and on-time delivery, we offer our customers a comprehensive service. Our team of experts creates design proposals for how your garment could look. After selecting it, we will manufacture your product step by step - individually implemented for you. Sustainably manufactured clothing of the highest quality.. First let yourself be inspired what is possible and how a custom-made product works with us.

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Free design service

100% customisable

Including release pattern

Branded quality

The finishing of your clothing

Screen printing, embroidery and much more

There is a large selection of finishing techniques. See what's possible. Sturmberg will advise you and implement your ideas.

Fabrics of the finest quality

Processed and dyed according to customer requirements

All common materials are produced and dyed directly at the certified manufacturer.

Here is a selection of different raw materials from which we can produce the desired material:

  • Cotton / Organic cotton / Organic cotton
  • Pima Cotton / Pimacotton
  • Supima cotton / Supima cotton
  • Modal
  • Wool / merino wool
  • Polyester
  • Cordura
  • Nylon / Acrylic
  • Blends with elastane or Nylon

All substances are Ökotex Stardard certified.

Direct from the factory

Small quantities

We can offer manufacture individual clothing from just XNUMX pieces.

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For smaller quantities please here.

Order process - here's how it works

Optimised processes are crucial

With a focus on total solutions, we work with our dynamic network of manufacturers and suppliers. Reliable order processing is achieved through optimised internal workflows.


We support you in developing the right product for you. Benefit from our many years of know-how. We would be happy to advise you in our showroom or visit you at your location.


Our creative department prepares a concept for you and works out design proposals according to your specifications. When designing your product, we can bring in all our experience. We create, you choose.


For all orders, a sample is made - a prototype of your order. It is still possible to change or adapt the pattern. To save time, we can also send you photos of the sample.


We provide the pattern so that you can test it. We support you with suggestions for improvement. Then you can place your order.


All production preparations are made and your order is carried out carefully. After each production step, quality controls are carried out.


Caps are shipped in sturdy boxes. We take care of all shipping and customs clearance. Your order will be delivered to your desired address.

Design service

We design your clothing collection

Our design department works out design proposals according to your preferences . When designing your textiles, we can bring in all our experience and thus show you a selection of different variants. The compliance of your CI / CD will of course be considered.

design service

Full service

All under one roof

Sturmberg can cater to individual needs and offers the desired service package for every customer. For example, Sturmberg stages customer products in the company's own photo studio. The customer receives professional images and can use them for internal purposes, social media or his online shop.

Our services

> Concept and design

> Production according to customer requirements

> Shipping incl. customs clearance

> Photo shoot and staging of the products

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Our production partners

Sustainable and fair special production

At each step of the manufacturing process, we have committed ourselves to ethical practices. Our long-standing suppliers commit themselves to a code of conduct which guarantees fair and ethical working conditions for all employees. At controls of our suppliers, we are on site. more about this >>


We attach great importance to advice and transparency through all production steps. We would be happy to show you all the steps in the creation of your cap.


Our strictly defined production processes guarantee the best quality. Only the best materials are used in the production of our caps.

 Fairly made

We bring fairness in the textile industry to the wider world by acting proactively to create a world-wide value chain.


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Let us work out the ideal solution for you

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Have clothing made by Sturmberg

Direct from the factory - with all options

At our production partners' premises, your textiles are cut from scratch, printed, embroidered, finished, sewn, packaged and shipped. The range is limitless and goes beyond T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts, fleece jackets, trainer jackets and more. Our design department creates textiles as well as Baseball Caps with your company logo. We also take care of your individual look and tailor the textile to suit your company and have it subsequently printed by a specialist screen printing company, or embellished with embroidery or embroidery applications. Let your company present itself with quality

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